28 June, 2011


...I'm sick again! 

That lasted about a week! Good times!

This time it's worst.

This time it's Strep.

I hope to whatever Deity you pray to that this goes away fast! 

All this sickness REALLY makes for an interesting running blog doesn't it?!

....pray for me!

26 June, 2011

I'm Back!

Ok so after a two and a half week hiatus I AM BACK! I was out of commission for a while there, but I have found my running legs lungs again. I have been out running on schedule all week and I feel pretty great.

Today was long run day...9km long to be exact. I don't think I've ever run that far before in my life, so I'm pretty pleased with myself to have run the entire distance. Going in I was tired and i didn't feel like I would finish, but once I got warmed up, I found a steady pace and felt good the rest of the time. Definitely sore right now though!

I do have to get my water situation sorted though! I didn't have any water on this run and I got pretty thirsty by the end, which usually means dehydration...which isn't good! I'm thinking about a camelback mostly because I don't usually like things around my hips, but I'm gonna do some research and see what other alternatives are out there.

Have a lovely Sunday! 

10 June, 2011

I'm homesick

This is why...


Where I am:

Also, two of my best friends have moved to Europe for the next year or so. So I'm not feeling the love for this city right now!

Plus I have a really pleasant cold happening right now. 

You know what's worst than having a cold? Having a cold in the 40 degree summer humidity... I feel so tired and drowsy. Needless to say I haven't gone running this week. I feel my body just needs to heal itself, so I'm resting.

Anyways, I made these last night to make myself feel better.

They ended up being my supper....and breakfast. I'll eat veggies soon, I promise mom ;) I'll also stop complaining...things could always be worst!

Question: Can you OD on Cold Fx?

07 June, 2011

Good Day Sore Throat! Happy You Could Join Me!

I woke up this morning with a pretty terrible sore throat and despite sleeping my regular 8 hrs, I still felt so tired when my alarm rang. I ended up hitting the snooze button 30000 times. Fun times! Thank god I work from home, cause I have no idea how I would've gotten up to go to an office! I don't even know how I got sick either...bummer!

Anyways, yesterday I was feeling pretty great. So instead of taking the day off like I was supposed to, I ended up running an easy 5km with one of my friends. It was nice because we went on a running trail I had never been on before. Huzzah for exploration! We went by the river near my house and it was super beautiful! Next time I'll bring my camera. The run was nice and easy with lots of breaks, but I still built up a sweat and my legs were pretty tired afterwards. We actually ended up walking and talking for about an hour after our run. Nice and loooooong cool down!

I'm supposed to have a group training run tonight, but I'm not sure it's a good idea. I'm feeling tired and sluggish and my tonsils feel like they were raped! I think it would be wiser for me to just go to the teaching part (that's like 30mins before the run) and then head home. The walk there and back (about 40 mins total) should be enough exercise for this sick lady! Plus I'm totally justifying skipping this run with the fact that I ran yesterday...hello compensation?! I'm not a work out addict or anything (rather the opposite), but I have a serious issue with backing out of commitments so I'm feeling a tad guilty about skipping the run tonight. Ha! Crazy much? 

05 June, 2011

First 7km

Today was long run day. I was supposed to run with the group I'm training with at around 8am this morning, but I totally slept through my alarm. I actually ended up sleeping until 11:30, which is sooooo unlike me. Sleeping in for me usually means getting up around 9am. Even though I did stay up late last night, I guess my body just needed the sleep! All that to say that I had to set out on my first long run by myself. 

Overall it was a great run. I finished 7km in about 45 mins, which is actually perfect pacing. I'm aiming to finish the half in around 2:15, so this pacing is putting me right on track. I think I could have perhaps pushed myself a little harder, but my goal was to not take walking breaks and run right through. So I took it easy to see how my body performs at this pacing. Plus, they tell us that it's better to start off slow and move up if you feel you need to than to start off too fast and move down.

Anyways, so far this sunday has been pretty relaxing! Sleeping in, post run endorphins, long warm shower, shining sun! I think I'm now gonna go reward myself with an at-home pedicure. Hope your sunday is as relaxing as mine!

01 June, 2011

First Run

I have now completed my first couple of runs with the Running Room Clinic

The first one was yesterday and was around 4km...a distance that is pretty average for me. I usually run a 5 km loop near my house, so it wasn't super challenging. However, I learned that I have been running too fast...way too fast! Apparently all those breathing problems I was having on my runs were because I was just burning myself out. I would often feel like my chest was on fire and that I couldn't catch my breath. Never having had asthma, I didn't know if that could be it. I also thought it might be allergies since we are in the season. The instructor told us that if you can't carry a conversation, you're going too fast. Something I had never thought about before. It was surprisingly a lot more challenging mentally to go slower. I'm used to pushing myself because I like the feeling of going fast. I guess in my mind, if I'm not going fast, I'm not working hard enough. However, that's not the goal of running a half marathon. The goal is to run continuously for 21.1 km and if you burn yourself out during the first five, you can kiss that goal goodbye!

The second one was today. It was a small 'race' I guess you could call it and was around 5 km. Again, I found pacing myself difficult. Mentally I mean. My mind wanted me to go faster, but I kept getting way too out of breath. Since I'm still a little fuzzy on the running lingo, I think this is what they call a 'tempo run', which (correct me if I'm wrong) I believe means you're supposed to run at race tempo the whole time to get your body used to the pace. Overall, it was a good run.