05 June, 2011

First 7km

Today was long run day. I was supposed to run with the group I'm training with at around 8am this morning, but I totally slept through my alarm. I actually ended up sleeping until 11:30, which is sooooo unlike me. Sleeping in for me usually means getting up around 9am. Even though I did stay up late last night, I guess my body just needed the sleep! All that to say that I had to set out on my first long run by myself. 

Overall it was a great run. I finished 7km in about 45 mins, which is actually perfect pacing. I'm aiming to finish the half in around 2:15, so this pacing is putting me right on track. I think I could have perhaps pushed myself a little harder, but my goal was to not take walking breaks and run right through. So I took it easy to see how my body performs at this pacing. Plus, they tell us that it's better to start off slow and move up if you feel you need to than to start off too fast and move down.

Anyways, so far this sunday has been pretty relaxing! Sleeping in, post run endorphins, long warm shower, shining sun! I think I'm now gonna go reward myself with an at-home pedicure. Hope your sunday is as relaxing as mine!

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